Release History

Version Date Description
current now Current work version
0.3 2009-11-10 fix jar content
0.2 2009-10-26 Rebirth

Release current - now

Type Changes By
update Clean code Christophe Furmaniak

Release 0.3 - 2009-11-10

Type Changes By
fix remove log4.properties from jar Christophe Furmaniak

Release 0.2 - 2009-10-26

Type Changes By
update Refactoring. Change packages from com.codeloop to net.sourceforge.jrrd to conform to maven artifact policy. Christophe Furmaniak
add Support rrd version 0003. Christophe Furmaniak
add Support linux x86_64 file format. Christophe Furmaniak
fix Support multiple data sources. Thanks to Juraj Sucik. Ciaran Treanor