• jRRD supports reading information from existing RRD files.
  • jRRD attempts to determine the platform the RRD file was generated on. The latest version has been tested with
    • RRD files generated on Linux (x86 and x86_64), and Sparc Solaris.
    • RRD files version 1 and 3 (there's no version 2, version 3 is the latest) []

    Don't hesitate to give us feedback on other plateforms, sample rrd files would be appreciated. Fill an issue for an unsupported plateform and don't forget to supply a sample file too.

Not supported

  • jRRD won't support writing RRD files.
    • either use the RRDtool suite to write RRD files and read them with jRRD
    • or use JRobin if you want a full java tool (but you won't be able to read JRobin files with jRRD because JRobin files are not rrd files).