what's the difference between jRRD and JRobin?

  • jRRD can read files orignial rrd files generated by RRDTOOL
  • JRobin cannot read rrd files generated by RRDTOOL. JRobin can read files generated by JRobin or xml data exported from RRDTOOL or jRRD

can I write rrd files with jRRD?


jRRD cannot and will not write rrd files. We think that RRDTOOL is the good tool to create and update pure rrd files.

why would I need jRRD?

Because you may need to read data from rrd files to display them in you java app without having to call an external process through JNI or a web call to some CGI provided by RRDTOOL

I've checkout the jRRD source code and that's really ugly!

The current version of jRRD is very close to a straight port of the c code of rrdtool. We will try to put some more OO in the future.

arg! You've changed the jdk compliance since the old version! Can I still get a java 1.4 version?

The initial release of jRRD was in 2001. The second release of jRRD was produced (officialy) in 2009. We took the decision to leave java 1.4 behind us. If you really need a java 1.4 compliant code, feel free to checkout the svn code and try to compile it with a java 1.4 compiler.