version 0.3 released

Shame on us. The 0.2 jar contains a Don't use the 0.2 jar unless you know what you risk. Here comes 0.3.

version 0.2 released!

At the time of the initial release, the project had the following TODO list:

  • Synchronization - no testing has been performed in a multithreading situation.
  • RRD file creation.
  • RRD file update.
  • More testing.
  • Tidy up the data extraction code.
  • Put some thought into the IO - at the moment it's just a hack.

Since then:

  • no specific testing has been performed against multithreading situation but jRRD has been extensively use in production code in several robust products.
  • nothing done around file creation and update, and nothing will be done (see the features page).
  • some testing has been worked on. more to come.
  • the code is still a straight port of the c code, i.e. not really OO featured. We're on it too.

That leads us to a release 0.2 that supports the following features (you can have a look at the full changes list):

  • a patch to fix the case of multiple datasources has been applied (initialy provided by Juraj Sucik).
  • version 3 rrd files (jRRD v0.1 only had support for version 1 rrd files)
  • x86_64 files (only tested on linux 64bits plateform, if you have access to other 64bits plateform, please contact us)

Warning: as we aim at publishing jRRD maven artifacts on Central Repository, we had to change the jrrd package name from com.codeloop.rrd to net.sourceforge.jrrd to comply to Central Repository policy.

The 0.2 files are available on the dedicated sourceforge pages

initial release, version 0.1

The initial release of jRDD was around 2001 (the cvs release of the previous index.html was tagged 2001/11/16).